Tipi in Kinglake

Tipi Design


The Native American Tipi, an architectual wonder, a practical shelter, an aesthetic beauty steeped in history.

The conical tent has been used throughout the world. it was the buffolo hunters of the great plains who gave shape and name to the more commonly known Tipi.They changed the tilt of the cone towards the wind, lengthened and moved the smoke hole, and added smoke flaps creating a brilliant ventilation system.

This system has never been improved by the many who have tried, and still to this day the details remain the same. Under one Moon makes a traditional Tipi, carefully hand finished and woven with the clearest intent to acknowledge this magnificent shelter and the original founders.

It is an honour to manufacture these dwellings and to watch others grow, enjoy and live their full potential. The feeling inside a Tipi stirs your imagination, nurturing the spirit and creating a healthy relationship with nature.... and in turn yourself...............................