Choosing a Site for Your Tipi


Choosing an appropriate site for a tipi is important to the overall success of your Tipi living. When choosing a site the following points could be considered in relation to the pitch.

Protection from wind - Although a Tipi is resilient to weather, it is more desirable a have a sheltered position provided by nature.

Drainage - High ground is always the first choice. This naturally allows a Tipi to drain. If this is not possible a drainage trench can be dug to channel water away.

Aesthetic considerations - The view from your Tipi is important and adds to the experience of Tipi living. Accessibility - Depending on the use of your Tipi, access to water, wood and transport must be considered, especially if it's on a permanent site.

Overhead & perimeter clearance - This is an important consideration in both pitching the Tipi and using the smoke flaps when erected. Overhanging or dead branches will impede the set-up and may also be dangerous. Without a two foot clearance around the perimeter of the Tipi, the smoke poles might not be easily moved.

Rising damp - This can be addessed through various means of site preparation.