How to Hang the Tipi Lining

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Now go to the outside of the tipi and with the pegs provided (small) peg the lining so that it is just behind the bottom of the cover keeping it out of the drip off the cover. Peg all the way round when you have finished 1 and 2 go to the door and start No 3 panel from there. Smooth out the lining with your hand so you will have a smooth fit not too firm it will look too spread from the inside.

Then get the lining cord and start on the inside door pole where you place lining No 1. Wrap the cord around the pole so it sits out from the cover, not against it otherwise there will be no draft. Lift the lining cover up at this point to see what height to loop the cord around the pole. I estimate about 12cm from where the lining material ends as this gives you a chance to pull it firm. If the lining cord is too low the lining itself gets baggy.

Pull up the lining and tie to the cord. It looks good to be tight and it may be that you can re-peg in a few places to make this so. Where the door lining is not being used, turn it back behind the door pole, it is only used when heavy weather prevails or security is needed.

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