How to Prepare the Tipi Lining

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The Onemoon lining comes in three parts 1, 2, and 3. They are marked on the edge.

They are placed right side down in the order starting from the left side of the door ( this is from the inside looking out ).

On the underside you will see a cord sewn above the bottom on a piece of vinyl. Turn under so the vinyl sits upon the ground and place it as close to the edge of the Tipi as possible.

When you get to the end of No 1 get No 2 and cross them a good 15cm. This stops any breeze. Then repeat the process of lying down No 2. so you have access from the outside of the Tipi.

For No 3. go back to the door and place 3 next to the door pole, this piece is the door flap ( below the door entrance ). Go back> to the end of No 2, and cross with the rest of the lining.

Let the bulk be in the cross over, as the front of the Tipi is a different shape and the lining is made accordingly .

Preparing the Tipi smoke flaps