Tipi Tripod Positioning

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This is a Sioux Tipi. The shape on the ground is an egg, therefore the centre is located directly below the cross-over point of the tripod which is off-set towards the back.

To place the tripod in the desired position, first place the door pole in its final position which is just left of the door when looking in. Then measure door to South and scribe an arc.

Do the same for door to North and then place the South pole on the South arc. Measure South to North and scribe another arc then place the North pole on the cross. This is the final place of the tripod..

For a ;
12ft. D to N & D to S=10' 10" N to S=9' 5"
14ft. D to N & D to S=12 '8" N to S=11'' 2"
16ft. D to N & D to S=14' 6" N to S=12' 9"
18ft. D to N & D to S=16' 4" N to S=14' 6"
20ft. D to N & D to S=18' 2" N to S=16'
22ft. D to N & D to S=20' N to S=17' 8"
24ft. D to N & D to S=22' 10" N to S=19' 4"

Tipi tripod positioning