Tipi Sizes

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One of the most important decisions to be made regarding buying a Tipi is choosing a size which suites your purpose. The "gallery" link on this page will refer to different ways the Tipi has been utilized and it may shine some light.

Also some questions to ask yourself:
1. Will I be wanting to travel with my Tipi ?
2. How many people will be using the Tipi ?
3. What will I be doing in my Tipi ? e.g. Living, running a workshop, meditating, camping... socialising ???.

We are always happy to help answer questions regarding Tipis and their uses so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Tipi size 12ft
Tipi size 12ft
Tipi size 14ft
Tipi size 16ft
Tipi size 18ft
Tipi size 20ft
Tipi size 22ft
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