24 ft Tipi

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The 24 ft Tipi is the perfect space for large family living. An excellent example of a 24ft application is the Kinglake ranges wilderness camp were they use two 24ft tipis. One for the boys and one for the girls..

Also an 18ft tipi for the teachers.See page 17 of the photo gallery. And like the 22ft the 24ft tipi is ideal for a large meeting space.

It will fit up to 40 seats or sleep 15.


Package includes:
12 oz cover, 23 X 30 ft, 6 in (9.3 m) laminated poles, 8 oz lining, door, rainshute, cord, wedge, lacing pins, rope & pegs
452 sq ft.
Tipi 22ft floor plan
Tipi 22ft side view
little man