22 ft Tipi

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The 22 ft Tipi is the ultimate meeting space and large enough for pemanent living.

Many health retreats and Yoga retreats use this size as a meeting/workshop space and have used this size in corporate seminar work.

This would be ideal for a large meeting place in back packers with smaller Tipis or accommodation.
I have seen 30 people meet inside this Tipi
and it can sleep up to ten.

This size has been used for weddings
and commercially makes a great
icon for promotion.

Package includes:
12 oz cover, 20 X 28 ft, 6 in (8.7m) laminated poles, 8 oz lining, door, rainshute, cord, wedge, lacing pins, rope & pegs
380 sq ft.
Tipi 22ft floor plan
Tipi 22ft side view
little man