20 ft Tipi

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The 20ft Tipi is a brilliant permanent Tipi giving a lot of headroom to walk around inside. I have seen this size furnished like a home and quite often on a deck.

This is the size we have on display and it creates a great space for meetings and for a family/ social gatherings.

We use a Chimanea or open fireplace for warmth and feel very safe in heavy wind.

A great size for bed and breakfast or alternative accommodation for backpackers.

Package includes:
12 oz cover, 20 X 26 ft, 6 in (8.1 m) laminated poles, 8 oz lining, door, rainshute, cord, wedge, lacing pins, rope & pegs
314 sq ft.
Tipi 20ft floor plan
Tipi 20ft side view
little man