Tipi Pole Maintenance

The Tipi poles have been hand crafted and have taken many hours of labour to produce. It would be a waste to allow them to be left outside without a cover when not in use.

The best storage for your poles is under cover and off the ground, lying flat. If this is not possible you may lean them against the fork of a tree, making sure they are fully covered.

It is always a good idea to re-pitch your Tipi at least two times a year. This may seem daunting for the larger Tipis , perhaps they would be best pitched once a year. Take the time to clean and re-oil your poles.

Check the bottom of each pole one at a time. Use a brush (paint) or rag to cover the pole with oil and leave to soak in ,then wipe down with a rag and take off the excess oil. Allow the poles to totally dry before erecting the Tipi again.

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